Friday, October 01, 2010

"A Taxpayer Receipt"

I'm still catching up with grading and so won't have anything of substance appearing here for another week. But I ran across "A Taxpayer Receipt" (.pdf) this morning via Andrew Sullivan, and I think that, no matter one's politics, this makes for informative, thought-provoking reading . . . if only because it helps dispel the ignorance that so many of us have about what our taxes pay for. Not coincidentally, it also drives home the fact that any realistic discussion of our budgetary future will require some (re-)defining of what our nation's priorities should be, and some hard choices of all of us.

UPDATE: Matthew Yglesias offers some qualified praise here in the form of questions about some figures used in the Receipt.

See you next week.


R. Sherman said...

It's about what I thought. Interesting to see the cost of certain line items.


Jesús Garrido said...

estupendo entonces, lo tendremos en cuenta.