Sunday, December 12, 2010

Actual sentences from actual students

nth in a series . . .

Context: One of my students wrote a film analysis paper in which he compared The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou?; in addition to telling him that mere comparison is not the same as analysis, I noted on his Works Cited page, where one of his entries read "Homer. The Odyssey. Print." that we needed just a wee bit more information than that.

So, for his revision, here's what he wrote:

The Odyssey. 9th Century B.C. Ionia. Homer. Print.

Yes: Another semester is in the books. Somewhere, there's a beer with my name on it.

Feliz día de la Virgen de Guadalupe a todos! Here, yet again, is my account of a visit I made to the Basilica on this day in 1985.

I'll see you "here" in a few days.


R. Sherman said...

Finals remain for the EMBLOS. Fortunately, for her sanity, she concentrates now solely on German and has eschewed English Comp for the last couple of years. Congrats on another one in the books. Now it's time for merry-making, spirits, football and the holiday b-ball tournaments.


Doc said...


* S, Doc. Another Sunday Night Entertainment. Kansas City: PHP, 2010. Webz, The World via the.

Japple said...

Brilliant. I love it. That's exactly the amendment I would make.