Monday, July 25, 2011

Where I spent last week

Shell Knob Bridge, Missouri. Image found here; click image to enlarge.

To celebrate my mother-in-law's retirement, the Mrs.' extended family spent last week at Table Rock Lake--specifically, near Shell Knob, Missouri, on "the quiet side" of the lake (read: the side that isn't where Branson is). If your idea of a good time is taking a boat out on a deep, cool-water, very clear lake for skiing or tubing or fishing, or walking out on a dock with your coffee to watch the sun rise over the lake before (almost) any boats are out, then you'll want to visit this place sometime.

Time really slows down at Table Rock. Why, when we all arrived there Saturday before last, there was no debt-ceiling agreement; we turn on the news this past Saturday, and--wow!--still no agreement! It's a magical place, indeed.

Now, back to the reality of moving. See you back "here" next week.


R. Sherman said...

But for Branson, Table Rock would be perfect. It's head and shoulders above Lake Of The Ozarks.

As for Branson, my only question is "why?" For the life of me I cannot figure out why/how various B and C list celebrities chose that place. Lots of tourists though. I understand it's like Vegas, without the gambling, booze and boobs.


John B. said...


You'll want to visit the part where we were. Shell Knob is about 40 miles (by road) and another world away from Branson. Indeed, part of the appeal of Table Rock to me is that it's so long--it's basically a really broad river.

As for your other questions about Branson, well: I can't answer them. All I know, though, is that when the ads for the place see fit to feature Yakov Smirnoff--a fellow, for the young among you, who got his start over 30 years ago making (unfunny) jokes about life in the Soviet Union--that fact alone reveals a great deal about the place . . . and has cured any desire I have even to visit, let alone spend money there.

emawkc said...

Branson, I've been there. Can't say I'd ever want to go back.

As Homer Simpson says, "It's like Las Vegas if it were run by Ned Flanders." And I also think Las Vegas is a horrible place.

Tablerock, though, seems like it might be just my speed (yeah, I'm slowing down a bit...)