Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Talk amongst yourselves . . .

I'm still around. Mid-terms approach, and while I do have things to post on, they would take more time to write than I have just now; so, I will be away from "here" a while longer.

In the meantime: If I have to say anything more in this space about the significance of this Saturday at high noon*, the one annual event that all thinking people can point to as affirming a Manichean good-vs.-evil metaphysics, I really must revoke your college-football-fan credentials.

*Well, okay, 11:00 am local time, which I admit undercuts the mythos of the day a wee bit . . . would Gary Cooper, over Grace Kelly's protestations, have gone back to defend a town in a film called Eleven AM???)


R. Sherman said...

I'm torn, actually. Given that both UT and OU seemed to want to rip apart the the Big XII themselves, part of me wishes a pox on both their houses. Nonetheless, because a UT win will help the Tigers, I will support UT.

This year.


John B. said...

Don't get me started on the realignment stuff. I will just say, though, that I'm not happy with UT's role in all that. I'm just trying to watch some football and forget all that mess.

Nick said...

Speaking as a CU alumni, and with the assumption that MU is headed to the SEC/Big 10, a Big 8 OU/UT "showdown" has become much more of a regional affair then in the past.

Although, good luck and all that.