Thursday, August 12, 2004

It's moving time!

Yes indeed. Later on today, in fact. This move is a good thing: Mrs. Meridian and I will finally be co-habiting and we'll have more space besides. But it also means that, again, I'll be away from "here" at least a couple of days . . . y'all know the drill.
Thanks for continuing to read.


Rooney said...

Hiya! Just came across you on I am in Wichita as well :) Hope the move goes ok for you, I just moved into a Loft in Old Town bleh that wasnt fun

John B. said...

A belated thanks for noticing my blog--and for linking to it. With your permission, I'd like to provide a link to yours, and will do so as soon as I figure out why other links I've posted today have yet to appear.
Best wishes to you as you begin school.