Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"Here's a poem . . . "

I'm presently snowed under a blizzard of papers, but by way of acknowledging that I know some few of you do drop by to see if I've posted anything at all, much less something worthy of your attention, I'd like to post this short poem from some reading I've assigned my Intro. to Lit. class. Although I like it, I wonder if good ol' Cezanne would think it's a good likeness, as it were. I hope you might like it, too.

I should be back "here" this weekend.

Advice to a Friend Who Paints

Consider shy Cezanne,
the lay of the land he loved,
its dumbstruck vanity polite and brute.
The bather in his sketchy suit.
The skull upon the mute pull of cloth.
In your taxing and tearing, tugging at art,
consider shy Cezanne.
His blushing apples.
His love of man.

--Kelly Cherry


René López Villamar said...

Good luck with the 'blizzard', I hope you find at least some of it worthwile. And thanks for the poem, I do stop by to see your new posts.

jennifer said...

Wondered if you were hibernating or something...good to see you posting though and a poem no less!
Cool. It IS national poetry month (didn't you know?) Speaking of which, did you get the poems I sent? I posted one of my blog recently that is really a very positive and hopeful poem that I love. Not in honor of poetry month though. Still, I must say Audre Lorde and Allen Ginsberg have kept me sane over the past couple of weeks so...there's a debt to poetry if ever there was one. Take good care. peace!

fearful_syzygy said...

Glad to hear you haven't forsaken us completely.

Incidentally, I edited my response to your comment on my entry about Infinite Jest but I don't know whether you'd already picked up the first version. Just wondering whether you thought I had a point or that I was just trying to make myself feel better. =D

Oh, and if I knew anything about Cézanne I might have had something interesting to add, but alas...