Saturday, March 18, 2006

In which the Meridian becomes one of the last to book a flight on the Snakes on a Plane express

I have resisted about as long as I can. But this morning, reading Jeremy Freese's simple, what-else-after-all-CAN-you-say? post, I can resist no longer.

Mr. Freese also links to the inevitable Wikipedia entry. Hmm--as did I, just now.

To the makers' credit, this film is one of the few ever made whose title tells the potential moviegoer EXACTLY what s/he will see, thus helpfully reviewing itself in advance. Even Gigli couldn't do that. Snakes on a Plane simply IS, signifying nothing beyond itself: something that can be said about very few things, art or not.

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Andrew Simone said...

Yep. Its pretty much terrifying. I liked Jeffrey Rolands take:

"It awesinine."

D-Day said...

Can I just say that I am SO SO SO looking forward to going to see the movie. Also, looking forward to the giant margarita I'm going to drink right before going to see the movie.

raminagrobis said...

I don't suppose you'll read this comment, since it's being posted so late in the day, but I'm feeling pretty flummoxed by this whole Snakes on a Plane brouhaha.

You know that the execs deliberately chose such an idiotic title specifically as a marketing ploy? And it seems to be working. The buzz surrounding the movie has reached such a pitch that the producers have taken the decision to shoot extra footage to ensure it gets an 'R' rating!

And you're a 'node' in this viral marketing campaign. The success of this movie is all your fault! ;)