Friday, June 23, 2006

4 Meme, and a reminder

(This picture was among those that popped up for a Google Image search for "blogosphere meme," sooo . . .)

It's been a while since I was last tagged for a blog meme; I was beginning to think the meme craze had died down. But no: yesterday I learned that Josh of Thoughts from Kansas, which is only the most prominent progessive-politics blog in the state (hold all those big-fish-small-pond jokes and go visit him instead) had tagged me for the meme that follows. I gotta figure that if someone like Josh is doing these things, surely complete, total, utter blogospheric domination cannot be far behind. My Teutonic/Nieztschean propensities urge me on; I cannot resist.

4 jobs you’ve had
1) "Assistant" (ahem) at a house being rehabbed for a distant cousin's equipment-rental business in Austin. The first paying job I ever had.
2) "Assistant" (more throat-clearing) at the machine shop that employed my father. The job that convinced me I wanted to go to college after all, and the first time I really SAW what my father did for a living (and whom he had to do it with). I worked there from August till December of 1980, began college in January of 1981, and my father died in April of that same year.
3) "Assistant" (everything from stall-mucker to helping out with surgeries) for a large-animal veterinarian in Seguin, Texas. Easily the job with the most varied tasks that I've ever had.
4) Teacher of English as a Second Language, various schools, Durango, Mexico. The first job I had that didn't have some sort of euphemism in front of it.

4 movies you could watch over & over
1) Vertigo
2) Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
(which I've not seen in years but certainly belongs here anyway)
3) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
4) Casablanca

4 places you’ve lived
(a complete list wouldn't be much longer than this)
1) Durango, Mexico
2) Houston
3) Mobile, Alabama
4) Wichita, Kansas

4 tv shows you love to watch
1) House, M.D.
2) Lost
3) Cheers
4) Frazier

4 places you’ve been on holiday
1) A family trip to Alpine, Texas
2) Hawaii
3) Zacatecas, Mexico
4) Mérida, Mexico

4 websites you visit daily
I visit many sites, of course, but these are the ones I visit without fail for news and political commentary:
1) CNN (though lately I've been disturbed by their homepage's drift away from hard-news items in their Top Stories list. If anyone has a better suggestion for whatever passes for straight news these days, I'd happily take your suggestions)
2) Dan Froomkin at White House Briefing
3) Kevin Drum at Political Animal
4) Andrew Sullivan at Daily Dish

4 of your favorite foods
1) Chicken mole
2) German potato salad
3) Cochinita pibil
4) red beans and rice

4 places you’d rather be
1) New Orleans (before Katrina)
2) Zacatecas. Here's a picture:

3) Gulf Shores, Alabama, at sunset
4) (copying one of Josh's responses here) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

4 lucky people to tag
1) Steph at Rubrics Twist
2) jmb at A Simple Life and Times
3) R. Sherman at Musings from the Hinterland
4) Aunty Marianne at Tomato and Basil Sandwiches

And now the reminder: It's submission time for the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly blog carnival, hosted by emaw_kc over at 3 O'Clock in the Morning. Don't be shy, don't worry about not living in/being a Kansan. Just send 'er in.

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René López Villamar said...

And to think I've never visited Zacatecas! Though I have to agree with you on the Metropolitan, it's one of my favorite places on earth.

R. Sherman said...

Ok, I'm in. BTW, I've been to Alpine, TX as well. Gateway to Big Bend. It hold's a special place in my heart for two reasons.

First, La Casita has the best Tex-Mex, I've ever had.

Second, the official younger son was conceived there, IMHO.


P.S. Your post on southern sense of place was spot on. I wanted to comment, but I think I'll turn the comment into a longer entry down the road.

Diana said...

Now I know why do you speak idiomatic spanish, hehe. By the way, Ah! and I'm in the last pic with a beautiful doctor's costume, the party was great, the funniest thing is that all my friends are studying the same than me, and when they get drunk they use to speak about desconstructionalism, just imagine that. Hugs.