Friday, July 14, 2006

Something Carnival-y this way comes

The Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly Carnival will be proudly hosted again this coming week by good old Blog Meridian. I'd like to think that last week's Carnival was a successful one, and I'm looking forward to an even more successful one--especially since, now, I have improved my gender-identification skills and I have learned that moths do indeed have exoskeletons.

See? The Carnival is fun and educational!

So: I would encourage all Kansas bloggers (keeping in mind that Kansas is "as big as you think") to submit a post by Sunday evening for inclusion in next Monday's Carnival. And please: this much pleasure shouldn't be hoarded by a self-selected few. If you would like to host an upcoming Carnival, drop me a line and we'll get you set up.

See you Monday.

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