Friday, September 15, 2006

It's reminder time yet again

Monday is just around the corner, and that, as you know, is when the the Kansas Guild of Bloggers presents its weekly carnival. So be sure to submit a post whose link will appear on Monday before the bedazzled eyes of tens of readers.

You know the requirements for posts: That, really, there aren't any, other than that they be posts from last week that you're pleased with or you think of as being representative of your blog. Some level of association with Kansas is certainly okay but is by no means a requirement.

We also have an announcement to make: Josh of the estimable blog Thoughts from Kansas will be hosting the carnival next Monday (the 25th), and he and I have agreed to take turns hosting it. However, my invitation in last week's Carnival post to wannabe hosts still stands. I think I speak for Josh when I say that we'll be more than happy to add you to the rotation.

So: You know what to do. I look forward to posting your post's link here on Monday.

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