Thursday, September 14, 2006

In which the Meridian gives voice to the envy of less-happier lands

Some stories so resist additional commentary that they feel as though they've been dragged out of the depths of some heterotopic space and all we can do is just sort of watch them flop around here on the dock that is Everyday Experience and wonder what the heck they signify. This is one of those stories.

That realm, that England. I wonder what exactly it is that we on this side of the pond lack (or have?) that makes episodes like this seem so damned English that they could happen only there--or, at least, not here.

Um, that's something of an implicit invitation for comments and recriminations.

(Hat-tip: Crooked Timber)

1 comment:

Raminagrobis said...

It's gnome more or less absurd than many things that are gnome to happen in Kansas, gnome matter what you say. I gnome many problems of this nature might seem parochial, but that particular garden ornament is a gnome troublemaker. It's gnome joke, let me tell you.

Gnome more of these terrible puns, please!