Sunday, October 08, 2006

In which the Meridian enters a caption contest

Over at the Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan is hosting a caption contest. This post is chiefly to alert you to said contest and to inform you that I have already submitted two entries, which appear below the fold, so that when my entry/entries is/are declared the winners, you'll have proof that I'm not making things up.

1) Caption: "FEMA Director Mike Brown (at right) is called upon to judge the more accurate visual rendering of the phrase 'hung like a horse.'"

2) (To the tune of "I Remember It Well":)

Bush: His name was Mark.
Foley: No, it was Jude.
Bush: He measured 10.
Foley: No, it was 2.
Unison: Yes, I remember it well.

I doubt I'll win, actually. The picture points the would-be contestant in a rather obvious direction, a sort of inescapable, black-hole sort of obviousness, in fact, which I try to escape a bit in the caption by making indirect reference to Mike Brown's previous life as an officer of the Internation Arabian Horse Association. Maybe that will get me some style points. But maybe it will seem a bit forced, which is a problem I see in my attempts generally to Be Funny. #2, I'm sorry to say, surrenders pretty much completely to the obvious, though the idea of their singing about the obvious strikes me, at least, as funny. A strike against it: my joke's implication that Bush is in some way involved in how Foley's behavior was (not) dealt with by the House leadership. So far as anyone knows, that's not the case. So, my joke seems more libelous than funny.

Long-time readers may recall that I have a brief history of entering--and winning--these sorts of things, so maybe Lady Luck will be with me this time as well. We shall see. In the meantime, those of you so inclined should head on over there and consider entering as well.

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