Sunday, December 17, 2006

In which the Meridian returns from having finished his grading.

I've just posted the last class's grades. I am officially done for the semester--and earlier than is my custom, at that.

I am happy and revlieved as always, but there's also the as-always feeling of wondering, Now what? Well: getting reacquainted with Mrs. M., for one; restoring a bit of order to the Meridians' manse; going to see my mother and brother (whose Reserve unit will be heading to Kuwait in February) in Austin for Christmas and, later (I hope), to Mobile to see G. and C. for a few days.

There is also the weariness of the semester, full of which this one in particular has been. Seeing as this is not a soul-baring kind of blog, though, I'll not dwell on all that apart from saying that I'm happy it is past and raise a virtual beer (there being none here just now) to Better Days.

In other news . . . this morning, NPR had an interesting story about research into what areas of the brain are stimulated when a person is making moral judgments. They also linked to something called the Moral Sense Test, in which, in the version I took, the taker can compare how judgmental I am compared to others. My students will be (choose one) pleased/demanding a recount when they learn that I'm not very judgmental.

Also of interest: The Music Universals Study. Still other, similar tests here.

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The County Clerk said...

Congratulations on the completion of work - though we all know that nothing is ever really done.

I caught that NPR story too. Interesting. Thanks for the link.