Friday, December 15, 2006

'Tis the season to be grading/A, B, C, D, Fa, la, la, la la

But before disappearing from "here" for a couple of days, I wanted to pass on a reminder and a suggestion:

1) The reminder: This Monday's Kansas Guild of Bloggers Carnival will be hosted by Josh over at his blog, Thoughts from Kansas. Be sure to consider submitting something for inclusion.

2) The suggestion: It's the holidays. You have shopping to do for that Special Someone. But you're in your pajamas and frankly just can't be bothered with getting dressed, much less with the crowds. But you're reading this and, obsessed with all things Blog Meridian, you scan the right gutter to see what's new there. You notice that this blog's search box has been moved higher up in the gutter. Hey, you think: the Special Someone gets something nice, and as an Amazon Associate the Meridian receives a veritable deluge of revenue from my purchase(s). Astute observer that you are, you also note that, immediately below the search box is a button for the Meridian's Amazon Wish List. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you think . . .

Just a suggestion.


Conrad H. Roth said...

That's great, John--your wishlist contains lots of good suggestions for my Special Someone.

Rhea said...

I visit Blog Meridian for the first time and what do I get? Unabashed commercialism!? Ha.