Sunday, December 03, 2006

Welcome, Tailrank readers!

Welcome, visitors from Tailrank! I hope you'll have a look around, once you've read what you've come here for.

An explanation to my regular reader(s):

Yesterday, I noticed something very odd: a huge (for me) swarm of visitors via an IP address in Anaheim. According to my StatCounter, I had 202 (!) unique visitors yesterday, the vast majority from that IP . . . and all of them--without exception--visiting this post of mine.

Like most of us, I note unusual phenomena; unlike most of you, I'm a bit slow of study when it comes to seeking out explanations for them. So this morning, after seeing that as of this writing (I started this post a little after 6:30 a.m.) 54 people have already visited this site, I did a little hunting to solve this mystery.

I'm both pleased and a bit puzzled to announce that Tailrank, one of those services (and an attractive-looking one, at that) that tracks the most linked-to stories on the 'Net, somehow found that I'd linked to the CNN story on the Supreme Court's hearing the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case. So. Here's the puzzlement part: I don't know whether the numbers I've been seeing represent real, live, reader-of-content-type visitors here, or if these visitors are a bit more virtual, like those that show up as having found their way here via Google searches but, given that my blog's posts most likely show up on about page 127 of their searches, they never actually quite, you know, find their way wherever "here" is.

So, I'm writing this welcome-post in hopes that at least some of you Tailrank folks have actually made it to good old Blog Meridian and that you'll stop for a bit and have a look around. Enjoy your visit.

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John B. said...

Oh--and a point of order:

That's "BLOG Meridian"--not "Bong" Meridian.

As you were.