Tuesday, January 02, 2007

KGB Weekly Carnival

Happy New Year to all of you on this, the KGB Carnival's first installment of the new year. We have quite a range of posts here, so there should be something for everyone here.

I hope you enjoy exploring these various blogs.

New year, fairly new blog: please welcome and pay a visit to Evolving Kansas, written by Mousie Cat. Most of the posts at this ambitious blog address that wonderful intersection of science, religion and politics that Kansas bloggers treat like blogospheric catnip, but Mousie Cat also has an eye out for the unsual.

In the previous Carnival, Paul of The Force That Through . . . announced that he had learned a new word: pareidolia. This week, he explores that word and other phenomena related to it.

Ariel of Bittersweet Life is making noises about working on his novel; to inspire him and visitors who might also have the writing bug, he's posted some wonderful quotes about writing--and invites visitors to contribute their own.

Over at Cup o' Joel, Joel Mathis marks Gerald Ford's passing and wonders how our current political life might be different if certain things had happened differently in 1976.

J.D. of Evolution has been following and offering thoughtful commentary on Phil Kline's continuing efforts to bring charges against George Tiller. His most recent post is here, but if you have any interest at all in this subject, all of J.D.'s posts addressing it are worth seeking out.

Josh of Thoughts from Kansas has a post in which he speculates on Senator Pat Roberts' near political future.

Over at A Prairie View is a list of needs that all of us would benefit from paying closer attention to.

Kevin (a.k.a. The Prince of Thrift) has a lengthy Q & A with Melody McCray-Miller, a state representative from Wichita, on her plan to introduce legislation that would cap the interest rates that payday-loan companies charge.

Happy in Bag informs his readership as to who exactly he thinks he looks like.

Bruce Alderman's blog It Seems to Me . . . is a good read for those of us who would like to hear a thoughtful, serious, moderate voice on subjects from a Christian perspective. In this post, Bruce talks about the value and importance of dialogue between and among "liberal" and "conservative" Christians.

LadyGunn has a lengthy but amusing post up on the subject of cat physics.

Red Letter Day has posted some cool pictures using a Digital Blue USD microscope.

It's from a couple of weeks back, but my colleague Dejavaboom has a nice post up about the end of the semester and the grading that (for English profs) invariably awaits them.

Gwynne of the Shallow End offers a brief but important reminder of the role of doubt in a Christian's belief system.

And finally, "The D" of What the Deuce? meditates on two losses . . . one of which was actually desireable.

Next Monday's carnival is scheduled to appear at the above-mentioned Thoughts from Kansas; In the meantime, especially if you're a Kansas blogger, be sure to submit a post and, even better, go visit the KGB's Frappr map and place a pin to mark your location.

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