Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Song title contest!

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This sounds fun to me, at least. So: grain of salt and all that.

Via Clusterflock comes the picture you see here: a concept tractor-trailer rig designed by someone named Luigi Colani. Be sure to click the link to see some profile shots as well. At any rate, in the comments I said, "Very very cool. Somehow, though, it's difficult to imagine singing Red Sovine songs in such a machine." My fellow Flocker Sheila Ryan, though, replied that she thinks it'd be cool to come up with trucker songs appropriate for such a rig.

I do, too. This is where the "fun" comes in, as I see it.

In comments, leave suggested titles you think would be appropriate for tooling around in a rig like this. Or, if you want to win a Blog Meridian virtual snow-dome, write a song that offers up to the listener a slice of the emotional lives of truckers who'd drive this thing.

And, of course, if you think this is a dumb idea, I hope it won't cause you to have lost whatever respect you might have for me.

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emawkc said...

For some reason the only thing I can think of is "Truck Oddity" as in Bowie's "Space Oddity"...

"This is Trucker Tom to Rubber Duck, I'm 'bout to put the hammer down,
And I think my truck knows which way to go...

Cause heeeeere, am I driving in a convoy,
'Bout a miiiiiile outta Shaky-Town...."

John B. said...

Very very nice, emawkc. You've set the bar pretty high there, I'd say.

Sheila Ryan said...

Loss of respect? Why, I now hold you in higher esteem than ever.

Of course, I would then, wouldn't I?

Sheila Ryan said...

Not quite to the point, but in keeping with emawkc's fine "Truck Oddity", I'm thinking a suitable vanity license plate might be "TVC 15".

Okay, copycat that I am, off to see whether I can make something out of "Panic in Detroit" . . .

Sheila Ryan said...

"Needs work" -- but maybe someone out there can revise or improve upon:

Well, I passed the magnetosphere,
Rolled through the Van Allen Belt.
I've got my diesel wound up,
And she's screechin' like she's fixin' to melt.
There's a speed zone ahead, all right,
I don't see a cop in sight.
I'm irradiated but I'm gonna make it home tonight.

I got electrostatic fields
And an interstellar overdrive.
I'm taking little white pills,
And my eyes are open wide.
I passed Jimmy Neutron tonight;
I've been passin' everything in sight.
I'm irradiated but I'm gonna make it home tonight.