Sunday, March 04, 2007

In which the Meridian proudly toots Mrs. Meridian's artistic horn

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Mrs. M. is on hiatus from law school, and to fill the time she has become an avid photographer. In her husband's considered if oh-so-slightly-biased opinion, she's become quite good already; indeed, she has taken the plunge and submitted some pictures for exhibition at an art show sponsored by my college that will open tomorrow. It's not juried, but she is a bit nervous in that this is the first time she's submitted her work for public scrutiny. Moreover, she can sell what she exhibits, so there's also that added tension.

These pictures and the two below the fold are three of the six she submitted. The one requirement for subject is that the photos be shot in Butler County, the county immediately east of Wichita. Both the ones you see here, along with the shot of the tree below the fold, were shot at a small lake outside Augusta. It was, um, cold, the Mrs. reports, suffering nobly for her art that day.

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Paul Decelles said...

I like these-especially the ice images. I shot a whole bunch of images of ice from the Baker wetlands this morning while out with my son and will probably post some later this week.

R. Sherman said...

Nice. I like the B&W. Ansel Adam-ish.

Gwynne said...

Beautiful photos! Agree with R. Sherman, they have an Ansel Adams quality to them.

I keep waiting for you to post about Saturday's visit to KC. I hope you had a nice visit. Unfortunately, I got away from work late and when I arrived at B&N, the cafe was very crowded and the process of identifying unknown bloggers overwhelming. Work interfered with going to the museum which was what I really wanted to do. I'm so sorry to have missed you!

Andrew Simone said...

Oh my, those are good!