Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The KGB in-like-a-(Nelson-Atkins)-lion Carnival

Welcome to the first March edition of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' weekly Carnival. Before I get to the posts for this Carnival, though, a word about last Saturday's meet at the Barnes & Noble Café in the Plaza in Kansas City: Um . . . well, Mrs. M. and I were there from about 3:15-4:00, along with a whole lot of other people, some of whom may have been bloggers looking for us, but none of whom saw kindred souls in our searching-but-shy eyes. I realized only as we were well on our way back to Topeka that one fellow I saw looked a lot like Josh Rosenau, and so I spent the rest of the trip back--and this morning, too, now that I'm mentioning it--kicking myself for not risking a wee bit of embarrassment. My apologies, Josh, if indeed that was you--and my apologies to my readers for this mea culpa if it was not.

Well. My teaching gig in Topeka runs till May, and Mrs. M. and her family are there in any case; and the new wing of the Nelson-Atkins will open in early June; so I know I'll be up that way again a lot. We'll be giving this meet thing a try again.

Now: on to this week's Carnival. The first three are actual submissions; the rest are posts I've gleaned from KGB member posts and other Kansas bloggers. Enjoy!

At The force that through..., Paul Decelles presents Lenten Message: The Theology of the Worm, a challenge this Lent that we--and the Church--rediscover Christ's call to humble service.

emawkc presents You dirty rotten filthy stinking animals, a spittle-flecked-but-otherwise-oh-so-restrained post aimed at smokers, at Three O'Clock in the Morning.

Bruce Alderman presents a thoughtful look at the statistics behind that James Cameron documentary that just aired on the Discovery Channel in The Lost Tomb of Jesus, posted at It Seems to Me....

My friend and colleague Dejavaboom contemplates a spring garden . . . but worries, given his tendency to overdo things, about digging too deep a hole for himself.

Joel Mathis recently had the pleasure of meeting Ken Weaver, the man who wrote many of the 1960s-era National Geographic articles about the U.S. space program--and which led Joel to contemplate a career as an astronaut. Ah well: the space program's loss is journalism's gain.

Here in Big XII country, the cosmos is now in a state of suspended animation as we find ourselves on the cusp of the conference tournament and the basketball orgy called March MadnessTM. Over at Bittersweet Life, Ariel breaks a surprisingly-extended silence on all things Jayhawk-basketball-related to post a brief-but-relieved victory dance of a post commemorating the 'Hawks' Saturday victory over the Meridian's beloved Longhorns. Ariel also plugs his younger brother's blog, dedicated to Kansas basketball.

Gwynne of The Shallow End learns to trust her car's GPS navigation system.

Over at Thoughts from Kansas, Josh has a thorough run-down of and commentary on Bill Clinton's appearance at the Kansas Democratic Party's annual Washington Days gathering.

Ever had one of those moments in which everyone present is intimately familiar with How Things Usually Work, yet confusion arises over what is expected of those people the next time another in a series of these Things occurs? Well, Carolyn of A Prairie View recently had just such a moment at her church.

Phil of Another Man's Meat has been running for a seat on the Emporia City Council. In this post, he writes about the difficulty in running for office in a small town when one is not from said small town.

Back with a vengeance from his recent hiatus from blogging, J.D. of Evolution has two intriguing posts up. Here, he celebrates his beloved Kansas State Wildcats' resurgence in basketball and speculates as to their chances for an at-large bid in the aforementioned NCAA tournament. Meanwhile, here he notes a rather glaring omission from a list of "Kansas Blogs."

Happy in Bag muses on something I myself muse on just about every time I drive beyond the cookie-cutter housing developments sprouting up around Wichita: no more than a generation or two removed from the farm, we've become woefully ignorant of the farm.

Kelly in Kansas is presently at Michigan State, working on writing grant proposals.

Mike of Red Letter Day keeps track of dumb laws so as to free up the rest of us to think about basketball and politics. What a public service, that.

Over at What the Deuce?, The "D" tells us 101 Things about himself. Congratulations, too, "D," on your 5,000th visitor.

And finally, over at Pencil Nub (neé Whole Wheat Blogger), Steve has an eloquent post decrying anti-Semitism in the name of Christianity. Preach it, sir.

Thanks for visiting. Next week's Carnival will be hosted by Josh over at Thoughts from Kansas, so be sure to submit something betimes.

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Gwynne said...

Whereabouts were you sitting (at B&N)? There wasn't an empty seat in the house but now I regret not being more assertive in my search. I think I got there before 4:00 but it was close. Perhaps you were gone by then. Ah well, next time.

Joel said...

We got there at 4:30. Sorry for the lateness.

BruceA said...

I was running late to begin with, then I took a wrong turn entering the Plaza, but I finally got there at about 4:20. Sorry I missed you.

John B. said...

Gwynne, we were sitting against the windows, right at the entry from the cafe space into the religion/philosophy section.

And to all of you: our apologies for having to leave fairly early; we had to get back to Topeka that evening.

We'll do this right-er next time.

Winston said...

Hey, JohnB. It's Wednesday morning, I drove all the way from Nashville to meet you last Saturday, and I'm still sitting in my wagon over here in front of B&N waiting for you to show. Now I'm a patient guy ... up to a point. And I'm dang near there...

But seriously, folks...

From your KGB rundown, there looks like a lot of good writing and blogging stuff going on in Kansas. I think I've found a couple of new hangouts.

Lyn Perry said...

Wow, the KGB is doing great! Sorry I've been gone from the 'sphere for so long. Bloggin' Outloud is still on hiatus, but I have a few posts at Thought Renewal and will try to add that to the blogroll. Seems like someone requested an update to that thing awhile back. Hmmm. Well great job on the round-up and wish you well. lgp

Lyn Perry said...

Ah, I found him...
Please promote Bigsiblings two blogs since I've been so negligent as to not add him to the KGB for over 6 months! Yikes!


He's a Topeka Blogger!
Thanks, lgp

Gwynne said...

we were sitting against the windows

Ah, then I think I saw you, but you didn't see me. ;-)