Saturday, April 21, 2007

An unusual book (?) meme

René, my online friend in Mexico City, has tagged me with a most unusual meme.

The text of the meme originates from here:

I now propose a new tag: Things which one has read and has been influenced by which are not confined to those paper-bound vessels of the printed word we refer to as books. Let's call these Non-Books. Or maybe Impossible Books. Or Limen Books? It's up to you. List five.

Great fun, methinks. Below the fold are my replies, along with the people I've tagged:

Las Meninas. For that matter, Baroque art in general (hence the existence of the new blog). The Interstate 10 bridge that crosses the Mississippi at Baton Rouge. A live oak in Mobile so enormous that it shades all or part of three front yards (one of which is across the street from the tree's trunk). Cottonwoods. A black bear sitting by the trail and watching, just watching me and my fellow Boy Scouts as we backpacked at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Hearing a small girl singing, "Ashes, ashes" over and over at a grocery store. The births of my children. That moment in my college World Literature class when I realized I wanted to be a college professor. The taste of really good pollo en mole. A certain mariachi singer I heard in Durango, whose performance I describe toward the end of this post. A cloudbank at sunset somewhere in northern Mexico, its bottom rust-red and its fringes dark lavender, that was so shaped and situated relative to the road I was on that I could drive around three sides of it. Riding a horse running at full gallop who ignored my increasingly-frantic tugs on the reins. The smell of the slowly-decaying paper in the library at Rice University.

Where do I stop? "Here" will work.

Five people to tag now; of course, you're free to play or not as you see fit: Camille of 327 Market, dejavaboom of Musement Park, Winston of Nobody Asked . . . , Debra of Reflecting, and Gwynn of The Shallow End.


debra said...

What a great idea for a meme! Thanks for tagging me -- I accept graciously and will post once I have spent some time pondering. know it is one of my favorite things!

Winston said...

I actually prefer pandering to pondering, but either will do. Interesting amalgam, John. Me thinks it may be time to get your meds increased. I always wanted to go to Philmont, but we had a poor troop and my family just couldn't stretch that far, so never made it. One of the remembered regrets of my life.

I shall respond to your challenge. The spirit will move me quite soon now. I'm certain of it... I can actually feel it starting to happen now...

John B. said...

Debra, a belated thanks to you for accepting and pondering.

And Winston, I'll just pass over my question to you about the sense in which you mean "pandering" and say thanks to you as well.

Camille said...

I am almost afraid to take this up, in the case that I fail to do it justice. Which is silly, I know, as if a third party could possibly judge the things that I find inspiring. I am self conscious that I'll either pick things that are cliche (Angkor Wat comes to mind, but it does read like a good comic book!) or that they are so big and beyond hyperbole (like California) that I'd just be reduced to stuttering. I am going to have to think about it more. But I will not forget, its just too cool a question.