Sunday, June 17, 2007

The jump-the-gun edition of the KGB Carnival

I'll spare you the details, but beginning this afternoon some extended-family obligations require that I be out of town for the next few days and, almost certainly, away from this blog for posting purposes. Not to worry: the context isn't best, but my actual duties will be fun.

Anyway, this has resulted in my having to post the Kansas Guild of Bloggers' Weekly Carnival a day early. I've not (yet) received any submissions, so what you'll see here are what I've trolled for among KGB members, along with selections from some other Kansas bloggers. I hope you'll pay some of them a visit.

Ariel of Bittersweet Life has two intriguing posts up whose theme is listening for and wanting to hear God's voice. Here, he and his family are awakened by what he sort of hoped was a burning-bush moment but turns out not to be, and here he searches for Jesus on the morning commute.

C Mac of Bleeding Kansas has a brief post decrying U.S. military expenditures. The numbers and percentages seem more than a little out of whack to his mind.

Joel Mathis of Cup o' Joel offers up a brief take on the self-fulfilling prophecy that is Paris Hilton. To which I'll just add something that I heard she said to Barbara Walters about her stay in jail, via Wait, Wait . . . Don't Tell Me!: "I felt like I was in a cage."

Kevin of Becoming and Staying Debt Free posts a letter in which Abraham Lincoln offers some tough-love advice to his constantly-in-debt brother. The advice still seems pretty sound to me.

J.D.'s blog Evolution hit the big 05 this past week--his isn't quite the oldest Kansas blog, as he acknowledges and as we learned last week via last week's Carnival. Still, 5 years is donkey years in the blogosphere, and JD also deserves congratulations--and not just for longevity but also for his excellent commentary on things political in Kansas and beyond.

Red State Rabble posts a disturbing speculation on why, for some conservatives, immigration has become such a volatile issue.

Over at his eponymous blog, Bigsibling is perplexed about whether he favors or opposes net neutrality. Me, too, sir.

Aerik of the Scientist Ethicist has a post on the phenomenon of child-hating and its intersection with debates over abortion.

File under either "irony" or "guilt": On Tuesday Gwynne of the Shallow End reports that she missed a work-related error she was responsible for catching and which will cost someone a sickening amount of money . . . yet on Wednesday . . . well, go see how the firm thanks her.

Over at Thoughts from Kansas, Josh reports that Congresswoman Nancy Boyda has publicized her requested earmarks and notes which other members of the Kansas delegation have and have not publicized theirs.

emawkc of Three O'Clock in the Morning rants over what is essentially product placement on the local news . . . and with a straight face (though I can't tell just how straight) proposes a marketing scheme for the land around the airport. Of course, as the Barenaked Ladies famously sang, "It's all been done."

The "D" maps out his weekend.

And now on to some other Kansas bloggers:

Melissa of Book Nut, a Wichita blogger whose usual subject is children's and adolescent literature, has a nice post up on a local Shakespeare in the Park production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

New-to-me Wichita blogger Kyle of That Other Guy's Thoughts has a serious (really!) post on the ethical dimensions of sleeping together without, you know, "sleeping together."

This past week, prominent American philosopher Richard Rorty died; Friends University professor of political science Russell Arben Fox of In medias res briefly surveys some posts and articles on Rorty's legacy as a political philosopher and adds some observations of his own. Also: though this is from a ways back, his post "Radicalism and Republicanism in Kansas" is a valuable history of Kansas political history from its very beginnings.

Kansas Voice provide some commentary on President Bush's very quiet visit to Wichita this past week.

The governor visits, the symphony will be playing but it looks like rain, and the grass is getting cut . . . just another past few days in Central Kansas, courtesy of Peg at

On behalf of these bloggers, thanks for visiting, and sincere wishes to all dads out there for a Happy Father's Day.


Aerik said...

Something's wrong. When I hovered over the link to my own article (sounds self-absorbed, but it's a quick to way to check if I have comments yet), it wasn't linkified. The cursor didn't change, the URI didn't appear, no tooltip.

Is it just me?

John B. said...

My bad. It's fixed now.

Gwynne said...

Thanks for capturing my "good" side, John. ;-) I've got pictures up now, to show just how ironic life can be. And seriously, thanks for the link.