Saturday, June 16, 2007

River (re)run . . .

The Joyce family, no doubt spending money they did not have to spend, bid you welcome--especially if you're here to praise James's genius.

A happy Bloomsday to you all. There is only one way to celebrate, of course: purchase some Guinness (it's a wonder the marketing guys there haven't picked up on this--the consumption of stout is one of the central activities in Ulysses), and imagine[insert fantasy here] reading the naughty bits to you. You will yes you will yes?

Or, because I don't have time today for something more substantive, you could reread this from last year.


R. Sherman said...

Thanks for reminding me of last year's Bloomsday entry. I really enjoy that.

Cheers and a Guiness to you!

Hyygeia said...

Ahhh -- vintage Meridian. Even more delicious than when I read it last year. (Not that I ever really READ the Meridian ....).

You -- or was it Scruffy -- inspired me to pick up my copy of Ulysses again.