Monday, July 16, 2007

The Interview Meme lives!

Once upon a time and a very good time it was, I asked someone to send me some questions and I agreed to a) post the questions and my answers to them on my blog; and b) to ask for volunteer interviewees. Here is that post. I didn't have high expectations as to the number of requests I'd receive; as it turned out, though, a total of 7 people asked me to interview them; if anyone interested can find links to all their responses here. Flattered to receive even one request, I was overwhelmed that so many did.

Well. Now you can make that 8 people. The lovely Belle Lettre of the esteemed "blawg" Law & Letters, a long-time friend of this space, recently asked to be interviewed, too, and her replies to the questions I sent her are here.

And while I'm here, I'll extend the invitation again. Just let me know, either in comments or via e-mail, that you'd like for me to send you 5 questions that you'll post the answers to on your blog, and then extend the same invitation to your readers. Perhaps this meme, instead of being extinct, is in fact a lazarus taxon (though, to be clear, not A Lazarus Taxon).


fearful_syzygy said...

Sure, sign me up.

Or line me up, whichever is more appropriate.

John B. said...

I am thinking up questions worthy of you as we speak. Look for them in a day or two.

dd said...

ok, ok, ok. I am in need of a title for something I am putting together. I think you'd probably ask some pretty hard questions but not as hard as the one's I am asking myself. Please, please send me some good ones!

John B. said...

We'll do. Look for them in a day or two. And thanks for asking.