Monday, July 16, 2007

The KGB Is-It-Mid-July-Already?? Carnival

The Kansas Guild of Bloggers' Carnival is back, with a selection of recent posts from KGB and other Kansas bloggers. I hope you'll visit some of these good people.

The one submission I received is about an upcoming referendum. On August 7, voters in Wichita's county, Sedgwick, will decide whether to permit casino gambling here (Kansas has a lottery, and the county already has greyhound racing). Russell Arben Fox of In Medias Res posted Casinos and the "Inevitability Argument," which makes the case that maybe casinos aren't so "inevitable" after all--not if we decide they aren't.

Ariel of Bittersweet Life recently posted his musings on the "Uncool implications of Radical Free Will".

Lyn of Bloggin Outloud comments briefly on a rebuttal Michael Medved offers in response to Christopher Hitchens' recent book, God Is not Great.

34-year-old Joel of Cup o' Joel muses on aging and the passage of time.

Speaking of which . . . Do you have a birthday approaching and, um, you're lacking a bit in the ol' liquidity department? Kevin of Becoming and Staying Debt-Free posts a list of restaurants offering freebies to birthday boys and girls.

Librarians are hip now--haven't you heard? JD of Evolution is on the case. Be sure, by the way, to see this as well.

Happy in Bag offers a review of a new restaurant in KCK, the Hash House a Go Go.

Bruce of It Seems to Me . . . has up a thoughtful post on how best to think of the idea of the "radical center" of Christianity.

LadyGunn engages in a bit of cat-blogging.

Red State Rabble offers up a correction to an earlier post. Here, the writer comments on things learned about Charles Darwin's attitudes about missionary work, thus complicating our understanding of Darwin's thinking about religion generally.

Bigsibling gives a suspicios e-mail a good fisking.

Paul of The force that through . . . muses on Intelligent Design and extrapolating God's preferences based on what is found/not found in the cosmos.

Aerik of The Science Ethicist has up a lengthy post addressing the issue of people discriminated against for not having religious beliefs.

Gwynne of The Shallow End briefly muses on state symbols.

Josh of Thoughts from Kansas posts a picture of the baby rhino recently born here in Wichita, along with brief comments on why rhinos are endangered.

Shea of A California Girl in Kansas hits a wine-sale jackpot. Sort of.

Melissa of Book Nut has a nice review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Potter fans will also want to check out this.

And another review: Kyle of That Other Guy's Thoughts reviews Transformers.

That's all for this week.


GarthTrekker said...

Thanks for including me in the roundup even though I have not been a very faithful Kansan lately! :-) Best wishes. Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

John B. said...

Thanks, and you're most welcome.