Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another semester done gone

The semester has ended. I'll be spending the afternoon and evening wearing a saffron robe, sitting in a lotus position, sipping jasmine tea and pondering imponderables, with this as the delicate accompaniment to my thoughts.

THE sentence of the semester: "Poetry is not just for the tree-hugging hippies in California."

Posts of actual substance to appear in a day or two.

UPDATE: I've literally just learned that one of my Clusterflock colleagues, some guy named Smith (yeah, right), has started a blog called smithismyrealname.com. Improbable, I know, but it's okay to stretch the ol' credulity once in a while. This "Smith" specializes in Onion-esque "news" stories, along with links to off-center "real" news stories. Anyway, I hope you'll humor him with a visit.


Ariel said...

Congrats on another semester down! Your rest is well earned.

Pam said...

I still haven't posted my grades. How goofy is that? One class with a handful of students, and I can't get around to wrapping it up. I've become one of those (italics) professors and I hate it.

The end of a semester - a real semester - is indeed an accomplishment. Enjoy that jasmine tea.

Michael Grant Smith said...

You rock, John B. (if that's your real name). Thanks for the plug.

dd said...

The stillness of that day after grades are posted... that is one of the reasons I am STILL a recovering academic... sigh.

Merry Merry. I appreciate the links to holiday music that won't illicit groans. So many of the well intentioned people I know here actually turn their TV's to that cable channel that plays seasonal sounds during the holidays. It makes me want to cry.