Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas music

Via Mary of Either/Or comes this public service, "Christmas music that doesn't make you groan."

I hope you'll give a listen to the songs she's linked to over there, but I want in particular to draw your attention to this song, Sufjan Stevens' "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever." I hope you'll listen closely. Not that it in any way resembles my life--not even close, thankfully--but as Mary notes over at her place, the song reminds us that the holidays are not jolly for everyone. And yet, even for them . . .

While I'm on a bit of a Stevens kick, I thought I'd also reprise, via a link, this post on him from last year. It raises some themes in Stevens' music that fit "Worst Christmas," I think.

Yet more grading for me, by the way, but the end is in sight.


Sine.Qua.Non said...

That song suits me to my toes. The holidays pre- amd post- can be depressing.

R. Sherman said...

I stick with the Celtic and Medieval Christmas music. If it was written/composed after the Renaissance, it's not for me.


Mary said...

Hi John,
Thanks so much for the comment on my blog and the link/comments you have made here. I am so glad that you dig the Sufjan track--I never can get enough of it. I just read your old Sufjan post and thought it was excellent. I actually have a lot to say about it--partucarly about the function (or absence) of irony in Stevens' work, but I must run. Will come back to it later!