Friday, January 09, 2009

"In the neighborhood"

UPDATE: Both here and at Cycling . . . , folks have sent me links, so thanks to them and to Douglas & Main for getting the word out. But keep sending them in, please.

If you have a blog and live in the downtown, Riverside or the Delano District of Wichita, I'd like to encourage you to leave me a link either here in comments or at the cross-post at Cycling in Wichita. My intent is to post links to your blog over there so as to emphasize more that neighborhood-y thing I occasionally yammer about. No need to link to me in return, especially if you don't want to. However, I do look forward to the chance to visit your blogs and link to posts of yours on occasion.

Thanks in advance.

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James Gates said...

Well, I do live in Delano, and I do have a blog on myspace and the Naked City website... mind you, I BARELY understand all of these bloggy-linky things; learning as I go. Here's my myspace:

...and the link to my NC blog:

...hope that's enough to start--let me know, and thanks for being an e-hub for Wichita culture!

James Gates