Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a Blood Meridian kind of Saturday morning

Oh noes! He's in the egez uv yur mas kultur, shapin yur kidz thotz!

Image found here.

Just some things I've happened to bump into this morning regarding this blog's namesake:

Via the Cormac McCarthy Society's forum, I ran across this: Six Versions of Blood Meridian

The "versions" are by six artists with very different styles--from Basquiat-like images to woodcuts to lush drawings of creatures that don't exist in this world--who have selected pages from McCarthy's novel to illustrate. Apparently, this is a work in progress, but if you're a fan of the novel or of McCarthy's work generally, I think you'll like seeing these. A couple of the images are, um, intense, but that shouldn't surprise readers of the novel.

WARNING: While you can enlarge each image by clicking on it, hitting your "Back" arrow takes you away from the site and sends you to wherever you had been previously. This is most annoying--so much so, in fact, that if I hadn't been so intrigued by their work I would have stopped looking at it far before I did.

It was while looking for some online, directly-linkable images from this site that I learned, Hey! There's a band named after the novel, too. They're a Canadian band working the Southern gothic genre of rock familiar to fans of bands like 16 Horsepower, though without that band's intensity. "Let It Come Down" is a good example of their work. (Quick assessment: They're okay; they sound like a rough-around-the-edges Jayhawks.)

Also found: a black-metal band called Earth has an album called Hex: Or, Printing in the Infernal Method (this image is the album's cover art), an album whose songs take their titles from passages in McCarthy's novel. All I've heard of this album's music is this, "Radford (The Felon Wind)", an 8-minute-long metal-ambient-drone-y, dread-inducing thing that, though it's not my usual sort of thing to listen to, does set a mood appropriate for much of the novel. It's probably something better not listened to if you're feeling anxious about the world and/or your place in it.

And, there's an album titled Blood Meridian by a electronica/dance band called Numb, though the title track, at least, is not a dance song.

I of course knew that this novel has gained immensely in prominence over the past decade and a half, but I was surprised to find the number of direct responses to it that I did. Of course, all these folks are responding to different aspects of it, and in ways that at times are, to put it charitably, superficial. But it's out there.

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