Saturday, April 04, 2009

"You will ride with me on May 15!"

Click to enlarge. Photoshopping by the Mrs.

As declared and sponsored by the League of American Cyclists, May is Bike Month, the week of May 11-15 is Bike-to-Work Week, and on May 15 each and every one of you is encouraged to take to the streets on a two-wheeled person-powered conveyance to your place of employ. Why? Oh, the usual: consciousness-raising--on the part of would-be cyclists (as they navigate their cities' streets in a very different manner) as well as of motorists. It's obviously a Good Thing to do, all the way 'round.

I hope you'll see if there's a Bike-to-Work activity in your town. Even if there isn't, though, consider participating anyway.


dejavaboom said...

Well, I WOULD...but that's the day Lora delivers, so I'll be holed up at the hospital night/day. It might be amusing to imagine her pedalling her way to St. Joe's hospital--but I'll not tell her that.

BTW, that's among my faaaaavorite pictures, and the bike's a subtle but well-done addition. It would be a good photoshop contest to see what else JB might be altered to champion, eh?

John B. said...

Glad you approve, Deja. I didn't give the Mrs. any instruction--in fact, it was a question: Can you make it look like John Brown is on a bike? I envisioned something different, actually, but I think this is more effective than my image: it changes the dynamic of the image to include us in its space (murals' scenes tend not to include us in their space, since they tend to be about times explicitly not the viewer's own).

Anyway: she done good, I think, and I'm glad you agree.

Best wishes to you and Lorna on that day.

R. Sherman said...

Umm, that means I've got to ride 115 miles in a gray suit and wingtips to a trial.

Probably not a good idea.


John B. said...

Sigh. It would be the Missourian who resists Mr. Brown's clarion call to ride.

Maybe if I prevailed upon the Mrs. to whip up something comparable to this picture, but featuring Mr. Quantrell instead?

R. Sherman said...

Yeah, Quantrell on a mountain bike riding into Lawrence would be way cool.


Russell Arben Fox said...

Well, I'll be biking to work that day, but I suppose I'm not the League of American Cyclists' primary target...