Sunday, April 05, 2009

Patrick Duegaw at the Wichita Art Museum

From top: Patrick Duegaw at the Fisch Haus Gallery (image found here); Just pour reir (image found here); Maha with Flotation Device: (or) She Floats in . . . She Floats out (image found here.

The WAM is hosting a major exhibition of local artist Duegaw's work called The Builder, Removed: Scenes From the Painted Theatre Project from now until April 26th. I'll be posting a longer review in a couple of days, but the short one is: "Wow. Local folks will want to see this."

In the meantime, here are a couple of places to read about Duegaw's work and see some more images, almost all of which are in the exhibition:

Here is my own review of Duegaw's 2007 show, Not to Scale, many of whose pieces are in the current show at the WAM. Just to anticipate my upcoming post, I'll be building on (no pun intended) some observations there as they pertain to the present show.

In this lengthy but worthwhile interview, Duegaw talks about his background, methods, influences, etc.

And finally, more pieces, all of which are in the show, are here, though, alas, without titles.

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