Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Pavlov-to-Paula Deen Continuum

Paula Deen, High Priestess of Southern Cooking, presides at Communion. Image found here.

Some business took me to Mobile for a couple of days at the beginning of the week, and so I was thrilled to see my daughters, G. and C., one night over supper. They are well and happy . . . and, um, well, it's one thing to know your daughter has been driving by herself for a couple of months, but quite another to actually see her doing it.

This exchange took place after our waitress took our orders:

Me: I miss hearing Southern accents.

C: Hearing them makes me hungry.


R. Sherman said...

I miss them because they remind me of my Alabama (Anniston) born grandmother. (My mother was born in Anniston, too, but they came north during the migration when mom was three, so she lost her "cotton-picker" dialect pretty quick. Alas, she substituted South St. Louis instead, which is not as endearing.


John B. said...

It's interesting you mention this, Randall. When I first moved to Wichita, I heard a surprising amount of traces of Southern accents fused with Midwestern/Great Plains regionalisms. I learned later that southern and south central Kansas were originally settled by people from the south central U.S. (lots of people here have extended family in Arkansas).

But you know, parade season for Mardi Gras is about to start, and these people here would run screaming in terror if they saw a parade coming down the street. The accents linger long after cultural memory has faded.