Friday, April 01, 2005

In which Mrs. Meridian surveys her social engagement options for this evening

I am not making this up, by the way; I could not have invented on my own a more unusual pairing of choices.
She may choose from:
a) A discussion, led by my school's philosophy club and to which she's invited, on St. Augustine's philosophy of time in Book 11 of the Confessions;
b) A sex-toy party hosted by a friend of one of her colleagues and to which I, apparently, am not invited.
The unstated (C), of course, is the default option (for both of us) of Staying Home.


jennifer said...

That's hilarious. I would go for the philosophy club meeting because a sex toy party is just *so* overrated. LOL.

Maybe she could bring up St. Augustine's philosophy of time at the sex-toy party? :)

Have fun deciding that one.

Mrs. Meridian said...

I went with option C, in case anyone was curious.

fearful_syzygy said...

Sex-toy parties can be dangerous. I know a girl who went into anaphylactic shock after eating a chocolate dildo at an Ann Summers party and had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Looks like option C was by far the safest, at least.

Brendon said...

Sort of disappointed in Mrs. Meridian. I was hoping for a quick stop at option B, then for the pulchritudinous vixen, a hop skip and a lube home for some serious option C with the hubby...Cheers.