Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I grow old, I grow old . . .

My older daughter, G., is 13.

She now has her first official boyfriend.

When the boy was younger, his AOL ID was SkullHead.

That is what is known as "a phase," They tell me.

G. and the boyfriend go out on (chaperoned) dates and stuff.

It's my understanding that this is perfectly ordinary, healthy and, in its way, good behavior for normal, well-adjusted girls her age to engage in.

(Well, it's what They tell me.)

I think I'll be drinking a couple of beers tonight.


Pam said...

Too funny. My first reaction after reading this is 'John hasn't seen anything yet...' (I mean, you use the word 'chaperone'!) and then my second reaction was...boy was being a 13 year old girl fun. Frank Joseph. WOW. And what was that about a chaperone?

Skullhead. I just love it.

You might want to stock up on that beer, and if I had to guess, you might want to migrate to the stronger stuff in a year or two!

John B. said...

You're not helping.
Friends are supposed to comfort each other.

Anonymous said...

I have a 13 year old granddaughter, and raised a daughter and two sons. You need to prioritize your worry list: driver's license, gas at $6 and car insurance for going all the places she'll need to go, college tuition, her first job (next year?), and a few others you can think of. All it takes to raise a kid is a lot of money, a strong constitution and a good line of communication.

Doc said...

Hmmm...I intend to communicate to future boyfriends via my street edition WingMaster.

; ' )

John B. said...

Thanks for weighing in, Anon. and Doc. In all seriousness, G. and her mother have a very good relationship, and G., though very lady-like, doesn't put up with crap. Also, her mother and the boy's mother know and like each other. So, I'm pretty sure this relationship, at least, will go about as well as most first-time relationships will go.

I just feel a bit older today than I did yesterday, is all.

Pam said...

John, I am terribly sorry that I did not provide you with much comfort earlier today. However, it is nice to see here that she doesn't put up with crap - that will help her in many future endeavors!

But Skullhead...that's almost...somehow sweet, isn't it?

John B. said...

Ehh, Pam--I'll live.

And you're right: I'm not too worried about a kid that calls himself that.

Andrew Simone said...

My pseudonym during the BBS days was "Jester" but i wish it was SkullHead.